200h Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

This training offers the benefit of a year of integration. Progressive learning with the same group strengthens synergies and collaboration for working time. Each module fits into each other to allow the student a global and specific vision.

Level 1: 30 october to 03 november 2021

Level 2: 26 to 30 december 2021

Next courses Level 3, anathai and dynamic thai


Centre les Magnolias

35, rue Mareyde

1150 Bruxelles

Practical organization

Possibility of housing on site, the first evening before the beginning of the course until the end of the course.


Corresponds to Level 1, 2 and 3 materials: Foundations, Principles and Structure of Thai Yoga Massage. The art of levers and transitions

Corresponds to the dynamic thai material: rhythm, swaying, oscillation techniques inspired by oscillatory osteopathy.

Corresponds to Anathai course materials: palpating anatomy – lower limbs and pelvis & upper limbs and column.


Have followed the entire TYM Practitioner cycle
Submit: a list of 30 study reports.
Write 1 topic about Thai Yoga Massage.
Practical Examination: give 1 session to Thierry + evaluation.
Theoretical examination.