Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics for Clinical Thai Yoga Massage

2 consecutive 5-day courses 

which are the fundamental steps for all students, beginners to advanced practitioners willing to increase their knowledge, tools and palpation for a clinical practice.

Beyond the beauty of thai massage rooted in mindfulness and metta, we learn and deepen the process of a silence dialogue.

How to answer to the true needs of the ‘receiver’ and how to enter the complexity of life in a human body? 

It is essential for clarity in the clinical practice to Fine-Tune qualities of sensing and palpation with a mind structure that supports, guides and informs.

These 2 courses are specifically planned to clarify the organization of a session while bridging Thai Yoga Massage with western osteopathic approaches.

1. The structure of a session

·      Observation

·      Preparation and warming up

·      Finding, possible tension, density

.      Integration    

2. Observing the body, the misalignments, and imbalances.

3. The functional anatomy and biomechanics of the main joints.

4. From the feet to the head in theory and practice 

·      Clarify the layers and levels of depth in palpation

·      Precision and details in some of the classical stretches, pressures, blood stop…

·      Mobility techniques improving Range of Motion

·      Reciprocal tension & harmonic rhythmic techniques