The Holistic Bodywork – Mobility & vitality

A 5 days course organised for thai massage practitoners bridging osteopathic techniques & concepts with the beauty of Thai Yoga Massage.

The objective of the course is to apply osteopathic approaches such as tissular, craniosacral and biomechanics to guide the practitioner towards the true needs of the patient.

We will look how..

⎫ To contact structures and how to differentiate them.
⎫ To improve mobility and vitality of the tissues.
⎫ To unwind fascias and releasing retentions of energy
⎫ To connect with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism
⎫ To connect and work with the Dura Mater 
⎫ To free up keys area in the body 
⎫ To prepared and designed your treatmant 
⎫ To integrate your techniques and treatmant