Thierry Bienfaisant

Thierry Bienfaisant


Thierry Bienfaisant is an international Thai Yoga Massage teacher recognized by Thai Healling Alliance. He has been teaching for 10 years in Belgium, in many European countries and in Thailand, at the famous Sunshine Massage School.

Osteopathic student at the Swiss School of Osteopathy (SICO) and invests in a Post Graduate osteopathy program in France.

From 2007 Thierry meets the first steps of the osteothai in Chiang Mai who transforms and inspires his practice.

His organic student path in osteothai with Davi Lutt such as a practitioner, assistant and teacher, is rooted respectfully in Eastern traditions and osteopathic approaches.

For nearly 20 years, this meeting with the art of Thai Yoga Massage, and this path of transformation, bathed in Vedic tradition and traditional Chinese medicine, infuses inspires his enthusiasm during the sessions and teachings.

Thierry is also a graduate of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, massage therapist at Sydney’s Nature Care College.