The Holistic School of Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai

ANATHAI SCHOOL preserves the spirit of thai massage, keeps the traditions, clarify details and develop precision in the teachings.

Our courses leads the participants to a journey starting from the foundations to mastering their clinical practice.

OSTEOTHAI is the bridge between thai massage and osteopathy.

Beginner Practitioner

Brussels, BE: 29 Oct to 02 Nov & 26 to 30 Dec.

Merano, IT: 19 to 20 Nov & 9 to 11 Dec 2022- 7 to 8 Jan & 17 to 19 March 2023.

This comprehensive program is the basis of the Practitioner Training. The foundations of the practice to a flowing sequence of 2 hours.

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200h Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Brussels, BE: starting 29 Oct 2022

The complete 200h training invites the participant in a continuous and progressive program from the foundations to therapeutic applications. The studies put together all essential elements to be adaptable with the according needs, size, weight, flexibility of their patient.

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Netherlands: summer retreat: visceral sphere, August 2023

5 days courses organised for thai massage practitoners bridging osteopathic techniques & concepts with the beauty of Thai Yoga Massage.

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Chiang Mai, TH: Sunshine Massage School

13 to 17 Feb 2023 & 20 to 24 Feb 2023

The fundamental steps for all students, beginners to advanced practitioners willing to increase their knowledge, tools and palpation for a clinical practice.

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