The Holistic School of Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai


We celebrate Thai massage traditions with passion and dedication to the varieties of the practice.


Our program offers a comprehensive pathway for participants to develop their skills and experience, from fundamentals to advanced courses.


Our Osteothai intensive training offers a bridge between Thai Yoga massage and osteopathy, a magical one year course.

Beginner Practitioner

Brussels, BE: 2024

19 to 23 Oct 2024

26 to 30 Dec 2024

This comprehensive program is the basis of Practitioner Training. The foundations of practice towards autonomy and freedom of expression in gestures for a sequence of approximately 2 hours.

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200h Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Brussels, BE: 2024

19 to 23 Oct 2024

26 to 30 Dec 2024

01 to 05 Mar 2025

03 to 07 May 2025

13 to 17 Aug 2025

Our complete 200-hour training program offers participants a continuous and progressive curriculum that covers the foundations of bodywork and progresses to therapeutic applications.

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200h Osteothai Practitioner

Brussels, BE: 2024

24 to 27 Oct 2024

02 to 05 Jan 2025

06 to 09 Mar 2025

08 to 11 May 2025

18 to 23 Aug 2025

Osteopathy meets Thai Yoga Massage.

The One Year Training in 5 courses to dive deep into osteopathy and Thai yoga massage.

This 200-hour Osteothai program is open only to Thai Yoga Massage Practitioners meeting the requirements of Anathai School’s 200h program. The participants engage themselves for the 5 courses as a complete program, not as a separate course menu.

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The Holistic Bodywork – Respiratory System


28 August – 01 Sept 2024

It is an essential and inspiring workshop for existing Thai Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Teachers and body workers to combine anatomy and TYM techniques that deepen the understanding of the breath.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

12 – 16 Feb 2024

19 – 23 Feb 2024

The fundamental steps for all students, beginners to advanced practitioners willing to increase their knowledge, tools and palpation for a clinical practice.

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100 Hours Yoga Holistic Bodywork

Saja Yoga Loft, Schoonzichtlaan 43, 3020 Herent

08 to 10 Nov 2024

10 to 12 Jan 2025

14 to 16 Mar 2025

25 to 27 April 2025

This course is  a crystal clear program designed for yogis and yoginis looking to deepen their knowledge of body mechanics and hands-on healing, whether they are completely new to holistic bodywork and massage or are already advanced in the field.

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100h Advanced Professional Training – Dynamic Thai & Osteothai


 22 to 24 Nov 2024

06 to 08 Jan 2025

10 to 12  March 2025

28 to 30 Apr  2025

This 100h advanced Training is complementary to the 200h Osteothai Program. The first part offers a clear program bridging the essence of dynamic Thai with Osteopathic harmonic rhythmic oscillations. The second part focussing on developing skills and techniques with osteopathic body evaluations followed by a course specially designed for the fascia and Thai massage.