Applied anatomy musculoskeletal system Lower Limbs and Pelvis


A course dedicated to the musculoskeletal system mainly focused on anatomical mapping, palpation and application to Thai Yoga Massage.

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage is growing internationally, and more and more practitioners are moving towards professional practice.

Many practitioners will work in spas, clinics and often in collaboration with other health professionals.

It is essential to understand and define the essential structures of the musculoskeletal system for a serious practice of Thai Yoga Massage.

The practitioner must adapt “massage mechanics” safely for his patient.

Finally, improve communication and collaboration with other professionals in the complementary / alternative health sector.

Moreover, the study of the musculoskeletal system offers the practitioner a field of consciousness of the physical body improving a more precise touch.

Course integrated into the Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Cycle


Theory: with as a pedagogical support a skeleton and a video projector of a 3D program anatomy of the human body.
Observation, palpation and anatomical drawings on the body
Practice: techniques and principles addressed to the structures studied
Broaden your field of anatomical awareness
Clarify your attention
Touch accurately

Following this course

The student will be able to recognize and feel the main structures of:

Feet, talocrural, subtaral joint

Tibia, fibula, knee joint

Femur, coxofemoral


Daily rhythm

08.30 – 9.30: Meditation & Yoga

09.00 – 13.00: Practice session

13.00 – 14.30: Lunch & break

14.30 – 17.30: Practice session