Brussels Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai Open Day 04 May: Registrations

How to register?:

Registrations, questions or comments concerning the massages and workshops planned for the Open Day must be submitted exclusively via the online system below dedicated to this organization.

Please do not use the contact page of the school’s website for any requests related to the organization of the Open Day.

1. Look the agenda and choose your massage time slot.


 Massage time slot: already booked


   Room 1  Room 2  Room 3  Room 4
12.30 – 13.00        
13.00 – 13.25        
13.30 – 13.55        
14.00 – 14.25        
14.30 – 14.55        
15.00 – 15.25        
15.30 – 15.55        
16.00 – 16.25        
16.30 – 16.55        
17.00 – 17.25        
17.30 – 17.55        

2. Register a massage time choice + your workshop choice: maximum 2 workshops per person.

    General Conditions

    Our organization places great importance on the well-being and hygiene of its participants and practitioners. This is why we reserve the right to refuse access to our facilities to anyone arriving in a manifest state of intoxication, under the influence of psychoactive substances, or whose physical or mental health could compromise the proper conduct and safety of a Thai Yoga Massage session.

    We ask our participants to arrive in a state that allows them to fully and lucidly participate in the session.

    In addition, if you have physical health problems (injuries, contagious diseases, etc.) or mental health issues (severe psychotic or neurotic disorders) that could expose you or the practitioner to danger during the session, we ask you not to participate.

    Our practitioners are instructed to refuse any session if they feel that the safety and comfort conditions are not met.

    By confirming your registration and accepting our general terms of service provision, you agree to comply with these instructions. You will be denied entry in case of non-compliance with these non-negotiable conditions aimed at ensuring the smooth running of the sessions in a caring and secure space for all.