Brussels Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai Open Day 04 May: The workshops


Thank you for arriving 10 min in advance. The reception will record your name and direct you to your massage session or workshop room.

  • The workshops are free
  • You can choose one workshop
  • No prerequisites are necessary!
  • Open only to healthy adults

Note for teenagers and children:

This event is reserved for adults.

The proposed workshops are not suitable for teenagers or children.

The workshops

11h30 – 12h30: Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai – a bridge between east and west

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Thai Yoga Massage & Osteothai through a guided practice. You will learn essential keys and how to move your body, center yourself in your Hara, and connect from the Heart. A learning experience for both the giver and receiver.



13h00 – 14h15: Thai Yoga Massage & The joints

WORKSHOP IS FULL – registrations on the waiting list!

This workshop invites participants to discover the softness and fluidity of movements. A workshop around the joints and feelings of relaxation.


14h30 – 15h45: Osteothai – Fascias

WORKSHOP IS FULL – registrations on the waiting list!

This workshop open to all and is an initiation into this fine blend of gentle osteopathy meeting Thai Yoga Massage. We will address the fascial system and how to release tensions, traumas from osteothai techniques and concepts.


16h00 – 17h15: Thai yoga Massage & The Art of Touch

Touch, the very essence of Thai Yoga Massage

Touch is the absolute magic at the heart of Thai Yoga Massage. A tool for deep listening, subtle communication and intimate connection. It is in this silent dialogue with a gentle, reassuring and clear intention, that energy can flow freely.

The hand, the feet, the elbows… So many sensitive tools to exchange and fine-tune our inner rhythms.