Osteothai Touch

Next Dates

Osteothai Touch: Introduction :  15– 19 April 2020

Osteothai Touch:  joint mobility: 22– 26 August 2020

Osteothai Touch: Introduction

Osteothai is in continuity with the philosophy of the founder of osteopathy Andrew Taylor Still, embracing the great osteopathic principles and divine natural principles.

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Osteothai Touch: joint mobility

We will study the mechanics of the joints of the lower and upper limbs (ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist), this one integrated in Thai Yoga Massage.

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Osteothai Touch: Respiratory System

It is an essential and inspiring workshop for existing Thai Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Teachers and body workers to combine anatomy and TYM techniques that deepen the understanding of the breath and therefore allow practitioners to deepen their expertise.

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Osteothai Touch: visceral System

Travel around the belly with attention, presence, intention and precision.

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