Basic course – Beginner Practitioner

Thai Yoga Massage Beginner 1

Learn a 2-hour massage sequence . This course is open to complete beginners, repeat learners and advanced students, as well as bodyworkers from other therapy disciplines.

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Thai Yoga Massage – Beginner 2

This level 2 is a continuation in depth into your journey of the sacred dance of Thai Yoga Massage.

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35, rue Mareyde

1150 bruxelles


Corresponds to Level 1, 2 material: Foundations, Principles and Structure of Thai Yoga Massage.


  • Have followed the entire beginner cycle
  • Practical Examination: give 1 session  to another student + assessment


Registrations before 

900 € – if deposit of 450 € paid

Payment terms:

Direct bank transfer of 450 €: account of the Asbl School of Thai Yoga Massage


980 € – down payment of 490 €

Payment terms:

Bank transfer of 980 € to the account of the school of Thai Yoga Massage

This price includes classes and manuals (accommodation and meals in supplement if residential formula)