The training comprises five courses, each of five days duration.

Our complete 200-hour training program offers participants a continuous and progressive curriculum that covers the foundations of bodywork and progresses to therapeutic applications.

Thai yoga massage is a profoundly transformative journey that is steeped in the traditions of the East. Our teachings are designed to preserve and respect these traditions while imparting their wisdom to our students.

Our curriculum brings together all the essential elements required to adapt to the individual needs of each patient, including their size, weight, and flexibility.

Our teaching style is focused on maintaining a balance between attention to detail, precision, and clarity, while also emphasizing the qualities of touch, mindfulness, and presence.

Course 1 & 2: The beginner course

Our beginner training includes two foundation courses that cover the basics of Thai yoga massage and progress towards the integration of a flowing, 2-hour sequence.

We address all the essential aspects necessary for a safe practice, focusing on both the patient’s and practitioner’s safety.

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Course 3: Dynamic Thai

Our training program will focus on developing skills to ease transitions and integrations by bringing fluidity to Thai yoga massage.

You will learn to change the rhythms of your massage, adding color and melody to the practice.

Our curriculum covers the principles of reciprocal tension, the applications of rebounds, dynamic movements, and harmonic oscillations. By learning and applying these techniques, you will be able to provide a more nuanced and effective therapeutic experience for your patients.

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Course 4: Biomechanics & Applied Anatomy for therapeutic application

In our clinical practice training, we focus on fine-tuning our qualities of sensing and palpation. We teach our students to cultivate a mind structure that supports, guides, and informs their practice.

By developing these skills, practitioners can more effectively identify and address the specific needs of their patients, resulting in a more effective and personalized therapeutic experience.

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Course 5: Integration

This course is undoubtedly the most important, as it covers the integration of various techniques in different directions, such as left/right, top/bottom, superficial/deep, and central/peripheral.

It is also the course where we focus on case studies and specific cases, allowing students to apply their newly acquired skills to real-life situations.

Daily Rhythm

08.30 – 9.00: Meditation & Yoga

09.15 – 13.00: Class

13.00 – 14.30: Lunch break

14.30 – 17.30: Class


Brussels, BELGIUM: 2023 / 2024:

Course 1: 21 Oct to 25 Oct 2023
Course 2 : 26 to 30 Dec 2023
Course 3: 28 Fev to 03 Mar 2024  
Course 4: 27 Apr to 01 May 2024
Course 5: 21 to 25 Aug 2024


Brussels, BELGIUM: 2023 / 2024:

21 to 25 Oct + 26 to 30 Dec 2023 + 28 Fev to 03 Mar + 27 Apr to 01 May + 21 to 25 Aug 2024

Until 30 June 2023: 2500€

Between 01 July & 22 September 2023: 2750€

After the 22 september 2023: 3000€

Terms and conditions

Your registration is effective with the confirmation by mail + the total course fees transferred to the account of the  ASBL ECOLE DE THAI YOGA MASSAGE


Have followed the entire TYM practitioner Training

Before the integration course: 

Submit: a list of 30 study reports.
Write 1 topic about Thai Yoga Massage.

During the integration course: The last days

Practical Examination: give 1 session to Thierry  + evaluation.
Theoretical examination


35, rue Mareyde – 1150 bruxelles

Practical organization

Possibility of lodging at the venue, the first evening before the beginning of the course until the end of the course.